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[27 Dec 2007|09:09pm]
this house is as broken as the legs unable to walk inside. legs that used to kick and scream and dream. coming home is falling through holes in hardwood smothered in carpet.
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[31 Mar 2007|07:44pm]
fractured rib, no fib.
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september [20 Mar 2007|10:43am]
i'm going to the galapagos!!! jrfjbqjerh
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[16 Mar 2007|11:46pm]

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[16 Mar 2007|11:41pm]
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[16 Mar 2007|07:19pm]
breakfast for dinner!
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[26 Feb 2007|01:01am]
b E cCa W337 (12:59:58 AM): yes my paw has claws, but i wouldnt hurt you with them
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[19 Feb 2007|12:18pm]
falling beneath ice, not finding the place of breaking through.
pushing up at a frozen ceiling/sur[face] a thin and cold space between death and breath.
i'd give her endless mornings. and a panda pup.

(short) [12 Feb 2007|12:45am]
so jess chopped my hair a bit. lamb chopped. charlie horsed. snippy.
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[05 Feb 2007|08:53pm]
i refused (i really did) to leave the parking garage exit when the bitter cold wind hit. becca had to pull me out into the portsmouth tundra. she was a photo-polar bear. and i, a pink faced kid in the cold section of the grocery store without enough clothing. (but much closer to hypothermia) coffee led to fuzzy feelings, though. a lovely day with you.

[05 Feb 2007|08:51pm]
photo, not potato. play dough, not plato. nor plateau.
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[05 Feb 2007|07:22pm]

[03 Feb 2007|06:52pm]
my in/outsides are having a panic picnic. alone in the apartamento. with no way to meet (these) shaking hands. (or hers)
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[03 Feb 2007|03:50am]
sub umbra floreo (i flourish in the shade)
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"articular (of or relating to the joints)" [14 Jan 2007|09:38am]
[ mood | early ]

articulate and communicate
through the articular surfaces of your bones,
while your irregular cardiovascular
skips-two beats.two beats. maybe 3 three
(like skipping stones)

and i believe your heart meets with a slower beat
than most/
for it contains
more heat than friction between feet and street
on the west coast/
a july

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